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Cooking for you

Every morning when you wake up a rich breakfast will wait for you. the Buffet is full of sweets and home-made cakes, biscuits, jams, yogurt, fruit juices.

At lunch and dinner time you can choose a large range of courses cooked with natural and tasty products.

Fish and meat complete menus, vegetables buffet, range of desserts, will always be at your disposal.

Typical Romagna saying…
“La pida se parsot la pis un po ma tot, a me l’ha ma fat mel, l’ha ma mamd in tl’uspidel, la mand in punta ad morta…ma a magn la pida un’enta volta”
(Everyone like Piada and Parma ham, once I didn’t feel very well after I had one, I had to go to hospital almost dying, but I had Piada one more time after that!)

Typical Romagna saying…
“Bota zo’ e magna, quel cun stroza l’ingrasa” (Put it in and eat, what doesn’t choke you get you fat)