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Culture and tradition in Romagna backcountry
If you have never had the chance to visit our hinterland, we invite you to discover one of the most incredible land of the country: a place where there are more castles and fortresses than in king Arthur kingdom; where a sinking oil well creates a spectacular underwater scenery and where buts gather themselves in the same cavern which inspired ‘The Inferno’ to the highest poet (Dante).


And then, medieval villages, water parks, Federico Fellini, Lord Byron, Paolo and Francesca, Cagliostro, Arrigo Sacchi, Raul Casadei, Raffaella Carrà, Laura Pausini… If Ravenna is only a Byzantine mosaic far memory to you, if you don’t know where Francesco Baracca was born, if you don’t know Valentino Rossi village and if you are fancy to find out what inspired Tonino Guerra optimism, well, that’s the perfect place to be in.
After that, trust us, you cannot live without ‘Piada’ and ‘Sangiovese’ anymore.


Riviera Romagnola is a display to show not only our culinary excellence, but also the culture and the history behind it. In Europe, we boast of having the highest number of quality brands (15 Dop and 11 Igp) and an extraordinary typical products tradition: that’s something we only have. Our typical and genuine wine and food offer is a surplus value for the touristic operator; it’s the holiday real distinctive element. The best to do is to promote local products on the local territory so that we can discover the best…we have at home. It’s different to drink a bottle of wine in the same cellar where it’s been made, rather than at 300km far from there. The real protagonists are them, the local products which are now symbol of our land and are making themselves more popular in many different ways: exhibitions, tasting shows, theme menus, parties and TV programmes, all aiming to show the authentic local taste. Food and wine famous all over the world, valued as touristic resource and as a cultural instrument to discover the territory through its qualities.The ‘Riviera’ suites everyone offering a very wide choice: from the typical and traditional ballroom ‘Balera’ (dance hall) to the modern Latin-American dances for the most ‘caliente’; from the pubs all the promenade long where to meet lots of people and enjoy chill cocktails with live music to the most famous discos ever.
Dalle più tradizionali e tipiche balere di liscio alle sale di latino americano per i più calienti, dai pub sul lungomare dove conoscere tantissima gente e sorseggiare un cocktail fresco, con musica dal vivo alle più famose discoteche di tutti i tempi.



If don’t enjoy lying all day long on the beach, Rimini offers you any kind of theme park to satisfy both adults and children needs, so that you may spend great time and remarkable moments.


Typical Romagna saying…
“E sol e suga, l’aqua la bagna, Dio i fa e pò i acumpagna” (Sun dries, water wets, God gives life and put similar people together)